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Oklahoma Digital Marketing

cut through the confusion, we deliver highly effective marketing management.

Do you need an amazing marketing campaign but have no idea where to get started?  Marketing management doesn’t have to be a traffic jam.  44 Creative is ready to accomplish your Tulsa digital marketing management goals. If you need help with strategy we can help out.  From writing a marketing plan to implementing it and monitoring the results, we’ve got you covered,

digital marketing management.

Oklahoma Digital Marketing

Developing a marketing strategy can be a stressful process but 44 Creative is here to make things simple.  We discover the highest priorities of your brand and research your marketing mix.  The four P’s – Product, Place, Promotion, and Price, are always our focus when creating a marketing strategy. We will take your product and use it to determine your key brand messaging. Additionally, we’ll do the research to provide data on your target demographics.

You don’t have to go it alone, our seasoned marketing team is ready to assist or create a marketing strategy for any sized project.

implementation planning.

44 Creative is ready to built your marketing plan. After conducting marketing strategy sessions it’s time to develop your marketing goals We will conduct market research specific to your industry and similarly we will complete fact finding about your target audience.  Furthermore we’ll set milestones and key performance indicators for your marketing plan.  Finally, 44 Creative will fill your marketing team with proven professionals that will get the job done.

Oklahoma Digital Marketing

monitor and adjust.

It’s time to execute your marketing plan.  We’ll help you engage your audience by making sure every facet of your marketing project is moving along smoothly.  Developing a marketing strategy and plan only takes you through part of the process.  Once the ball is rolling we’ll be watchful to make sure we’re meeting your marketing goals. Lastly, as we monitor your results, we will constantly adjust marketing efforts throughout the project. 

From start to finish, we are able to keep your brand messaging fresh, flexible, and responsive to market trends.

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