Central Oklahoma Video Production
A case study of the City of Stroud

The City of Stroud Oklahoma | Economic Development Video Series.

44 Creative was contracted about central Oklahoma video production by the city of Stroud to produce a series of economic development videos. The goal of these videos was to attract new businesses and entrepreneurs to the city, and to promote the city as a great place to live and work.

We worked with the city’s economic development team to develop a creative brief and storyboard for the videos. We then filmed on location in the city, interviewing business owners, employees, and residents. The completed videos have been used on the city’s website and social media channels, and have helped to increase awareness of the city’s many assets.

Client Profile | City of Stroud OK

CountryUnited States

Lincoln, Creek

 • Total12.70 sq mi (32.90 km2)
 • Land11.63 sq mi (30.12 km2)
 • Water1.07 sq mi (2.78 km2)
Population (2020)
 • Total2,719
 • Density233.81/sq mi (90.28/km2)

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Client Needs | Economic Development

The city of Stroud Oklahoma needed a series of economic development videos that highlighted reasons to work, live, and play in Stroud. The videos are used to show potential employers why Stroud is a great place to work, and to show potential residents why Stroud is a great place to live and raise a family. The videos also highlight the many recreational opportunities available in Stroud, making it clear that there is more to this city than just work. In short, the videos succeeded in showing that Stroud is a thriving community with something to offer everyone. 

Our Central Oklahoma Video Production

At 44 Creative, we pride ourselves on our video production process. First and foremost, we are prepared. We take the time to develop a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and objectives. We also research the latest trends in video production to make sure that we are using the best techniques and technologies. Secondly, we are thorough. We storyboard every shoot to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of filming. We also conduct multiple takes to ensure that we capture the perfect shot. Lastly, we are adaptive. We understand that things can change on a moment’s notice, and we are always ready to adjust our plans accordingly. This flexibility allows us to produce high-quality videos that meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.


When we set out to produce a promotional video for the city of Stroud, Oklahoma, we knew that we wanted it to be a true reflection of what makes the city special. In order to do that, we reached out to a cross-section of the community, including business owners, elected officials, and residents. We asked them about the things that they love most about Stroud and what they believe makes it a great place to live, work, and visit. The responses were varied, but a few themes emerged. People spoke about the city’s small-town feel and its friendly residents. They spoke about the city’s central location in Oklahoma and its beautiful setting in prairie fields of central OK.. They spoke about the city’s unique sense of community – a feeling that at times can only be found in a place like Stroud.

We strove to make our video convey these same sentiments and give viewers a sense of what makes Stroud such a special place.


We are grateful to the local residents of Stroud Oklahoma for their hospitality during our time filming in their town. Our camera operators and field producers were professional and courteous at all times, and we are confident that we captured the best possible footage to represent Stroud in a positive light. Our production consisted of in-field video capturing, spontaneous interviews, and capturing authentic responses from the citizens of Stroud. We believe that our footage will help to show the world the true character of this great town.


After the video was shot, the real work began. In post-production, all of the footage was sorted and edited down into a cohesive final product. This process was very time-consuming, but it was essential in order to create a polished finished product. During post-production, our team worked closely with city officials to ensure that their vision was brought to life. We paid close attention to every detail, from the color correction to the sound design, graphic design, motion graphics, and more. In the end, we were able to create a video that accurately represented the city’s brand and told their story in a creative and engaging way.

Content Hosting and Brand Launch

YouTube | Videos

In addition to creating this series of central Oklahoma economic development videos, we also created and launched the Visit Stroud OK YouTube channel, which is where those videos now live. The channel provides an easy way for residents and businesses to access information about the city’s economic development resources and programs. It also allows us to share news and updates about the city’s progress with a wider audience. 

VisitStroudOK.com | Website Production

Our goal was to capture the unique spirit of the town and its residents, and to share those stories with a wider audience. We were thrilled when the project was embraced by the community, and we are proud to have played a small role in promoting Stroud. Additionally, as part of a separate web design project, we created visitstroudok.com to support tourism in Stroud. The videos, and additional content about the central Oklahoma community, lives there. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work on both of these projects, and we look forward to continuing to support Stroud in the future.