Highschool Football Website Design: The Game-Changing Case of Clarksville High

Mockup of a Highschool Football web design project

The Challenge: Outdated Highschool Football Website Design

The story began with the Clarksville Highschool Football team struggling with an obsolete website. Their former developer had retired, leaving them in a digital deadlock with a dysfunctional platform. Crucial parts of the website were broken, hindering their ability to publish new articles and make necessary updates. Their highschool football website design, far from engaging, hampered the team’s online presence and ability to communicate with their fanbase.

44 Creative's Game Plan: Digital Transformation for Highschool Football Website Design

In their pursuit of an impactful online presence, Clarksville Highschool Football team turned to us, 44 Creative, a leading provider of digital services. We responded with a robust, mobile-friendly proposal to revamp their website design. Upon their acceptance and initial deposit, we plunged headfirst into creating a website on the WordPress platform using Elementor.

Mobile mockup of 44 creative's Highschool Football Website Design

The Strategy: A New Playbook for Highschool Football Website Design

Our highschool football website design strategy aimed to create a platform that not only looked great but was also highly functional. Here’s a snapshot of the features and services we implemented:

User Management

  • Introduction of a multi-tier access structure that enables the creation of student accounts to edit the roster, without access to other admin-level sections of the website.

Dynamic Roster and Event Calendar

  • A dynamic roster page that automatically populates with player information.
  • An integrated Google calendar providing students and fans with an up-to-date schedule.

Graphic Design and Video Production

  • Comprehensive graphic design services, including logo editing, color corrections, and picture editing.
  • Professional video editing of a silent banner video, made from the team’s YouTube channel clips, for swift homepage loading.

Streamlined Record-Keeping

Engaging Content Creation

Post-Launch Support for Highschool Football Website Design

  • Comprehensive post-launch services, including:
    • hosting
    • daily backups
    • monthly reports
    • uptime monitoring
    • keyword monitoring (SEO tracking)
    • security scans
    • speed/performance checks.

Touchdown: The Results of Effective Highschool Football Website Design

Our highschool football website design efforts paid off handsomely. The response from the coaches and the booster club was overwhelmingly positive. The revamped website drove significant traffic, particularly to the records page. Alumni frequently visited to check stats, and the platform’s easy-update capability led to much-needed corrections and updates to the record books.

Our design strategy was balanced: it was aesthetically pleasing and intuitive for young users, easy to maintain and update for coaches and boosters, and provided accurate and accessible information for alumni users. The success story of the Clarksville Highschool Football team stands as a testament to the power of a well-executed highschool football website design.

At 44 Creative, we are incredibly proud of our role in revamping Clarksville Highschool Football’s digital footprint. This case study underscores our commitment to delivering effective designs that truly make a difference. We eagerly look forward to creating more success stories in the future.

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